Sneakers & Sirens Run

5K/10K • Saturday, June 12, 2021 • 9:00 am • Mukilteo, WA

Our 5k and 10k runners will take off at 9:00am.  Runners and walkers with strollers will be asked to line up at the back to avoid conflicts on the route.   Just a reminder that ONLY SINGLE WIDTH STROLLERS are allowed.  Pets are not allowed on the route.

Our 5k route starts with a fun downhill then evens out to generally level with a couple of easy rollers.  Approximately 1.25 miles in the 10k runners will rejoin this route at roughly their 4.5 mile mark.  There should be very little overlap of runners but slower 5k runners are asked to be extra aware of runners that may want to pass in this area.

The 10k route spends the first 4.5 miles exploring the area completely separate from the 5k runners.  You'll have an early uphill but the rest of the route is gentle rollers with a couple of good downhill stretches that you'll love!  There will be two-way running traffic for approximately 2 miles so it's extra important that you are aware of your surroundings.  We strongly suggest limiting your music to one earbud at a reasonable volume or leaving it at home altogether.   We will be running on a combination of sidewalks, paved paths and coned running lanes.  This is not a closed course.

The 5k water station will be at 2.1 miles while the 10k will find water stations at 2.1 and 5.1 miles.  Restrooms are available at the Start/Finish only.  


NOTE:  The elevation profiles below are a bit exaggerated.  I've run these courses more than I can count and while they are not flat they also do not have the extreme changes you see here.  I promise!



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